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An app to learn Somali

Somali For Kids aims to provide the best tools for your children to learn Somali.


We added the sound to each words and images. Click on the play button and listen to the words spoken by a true Somali person.


Sound is great but images make it fun for children to memorise and learn. Check out our wide variety of images through our categories.


We know that the best way for children to learn is when they are having fun. By making our website mobile friendly and thanks to our new app, you can now let your child play from every devices.

We are always working hard to make this app better...

If you find any problems whilst using our app, please report them by emailing us at info@nomadps.com so we can fix them asap.

We listened and we fixed it! Happy to inform you that the sound for some images have been increased for your convenience... Thank you for bearing with us...